Cloud hosting account maintenance

Cloud hosting account maintenance

You can define maintenance rules to regularly and automatically remove files which you no longer need from your disk space. In this way, you can specify when emails in your mailbox should be moved to the trash or spam folders, and when saved www log files should be deleted.

account maintenance

Scope of maintenance rules

There are four different kinds of maintenance rules for different kinds of usecases. The rules give you complete control over maintenance work:

  • Domain-based rules: You can set your own rules for each of your accounts. You can specify settings for each account under “Manage Services; Settings; Account Maintenance”.
  • Server-wide rules (only applies to managed servers): For each of your managed servers, you can define your own maintenance settings. Only domain-based rules override them. You can define server-wide maintenance rules for your managed server under “Account Management; Account maintenance”.
  • General rules: General rules apply to all accounts (shared and managed servers). Server-wide and domain-based rules override them. You can find the settings options under “Administration; Maintenance; Account maintenance”.
  • Standard rules: If you have not specified rules for any of the above, standard rules come into effect. These are defined as:
    • Spam mails are deleted when they are older than 14 days.
    • Mails in the trash bin are deleted when they are older than 14 days.
    • www log files are not deleted.

Run once-off maintenance rules immediately

To manually perform one-off maintenance work with particular parameters, enter the desired parameter and click on “Run”.

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