Be in Control of Your Own Data Encrypted And Safe Free Cloud Calendar, Contacts, and Notes Seemless Sync between Your Devices

Managed NextCloud Hosting

With our managed NextCloud service there is nothing you need to do but enjoy having a secure and safe space for your data. We will update and maintain your NextCloud for you.

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Managed NextCloud Hosting

MySecure.Space, More than a Cloud Service

With our managed NextCloud service, you will get all you need to be independent of other services such as Google, Microsoft or Apple.

Secure Cloud Storage
Cloud Calendar (CalDAV)
Cloud Contacts (CardDAV)
Cloud Notes & Tasks
Secured Call & Chat
Team Collaboration Tools
Advanced Sharing Tools
Seamless Synchronization

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Fully Managed NextCloud Service

We do the hard job for you. You just sit back and using your cloud.

24/7 Monitoring
Our server admins are monitoring our cloud servers 24/7 and make sure that everything is up and running.
We are here for you
Have any problem or questions? Our support team will do their best to help you to resolve all your problems and answer your questions.
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Made in Europe

You are protected by European Privacy Law

Our company and the datacenters being located in Europe (Vienna, Austria), you will be automatically protected by the European Data protection law which is missing in many countries. Our service will provide a great opportunity for all users to stay private no matter where they are located.

Great for Individuals
Upload your files to your cloud with no worry of being spied on or someone getting access to your data. We are NOT INTERESTED in your data and we are NOT ALLOWED to access to your data. Your data is encrypted and is in your control.
Great for Companies
With recent changes in our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic and distance working, data protection and safe communications have become the number one priority for companies. Our services will make sure that your data and communications stay 100% safe and private.
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