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Finding a secure and a reliable VPN service is not an easy task. Obviously the best solution is to setup your own VPN server but you will be always limited to one IP address and streaming services will not work. Therefore, we teamed up with Mullvad VPN to be able to offer this privacy-friendly VPN service to our customers. Mullvad VPN is trusted by major companies security and privacy companies such as Mozilla and Malwarebytes.

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Why Mullvad VPN?

Anonymous account

Mullvad does not ask for any personal info – not even your email. By ordering Mullvad from MySecure.Space, they will not even have access to your payment information.

Real No logging Policy

Mullvad is evaluated every year by third-party evaluator companies to see how secure and private their services are. So far they have come out with flying colors.

Safe jurisdiction

The laws relevant to us as a VPN provider based in Sweden make their location a safe place for your privacy. The European privacy law is the most serious compared to the other regions.

Kill Switch

If you have connectivity issues while Mullvad VPN is on, the built-in kill switch will automatically stop all network traffic. And therefore, your real IP address will not be exposed.

Several Locations

Mullvad has servers in more than 70 countries around the world. Using the multi-tunneling feature, you will be able to connect each application on your PC to a separate server.

Easy to Use

Even if you’re a first-time customer, Mullvad app is designed to be easy to use so you can get on with protecting your privacy with no effort.

Why to Buy Mullvad VPN from Us?

From $54,99 /Year

Mullvad VPN

Special Price
Do not Share your Payment Info
No Email Required
Externally Audited
Frequently Asked Questions

For Mullvad we have a  7 days refund policy. That means you will need to inform us within 7 days after your order (no matter if you use the VPN or not). If you inform us after this period we will not be able to provide you with the refund as Mullbad will not accept your request.