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Premium SSL Certificates

Nowadays having a SSL certificates is a most. From search engine optimization to security, all online services must be protected by a SSL certificate. By our premium SSL certificates powered by Sectigo®, you will be able to show to your customers through the Sectigo®’s dynamic trust badges that your website is powered by a premium SSL and their data is protected. This will help you to gain your customer’s trust.

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Why MySecure.Space SSL Certificates ?

Dynamic Trust Badge

With all of our premium SSL certificates, comes a dynamic trust badge. Using the trust badge you will show to your customers that the connection to your website is secured and their data is safely transferred.

Latest Cypher Technology

Our SSL certificates are powered by SECTIGO® (formerly known as COMODO®). SECTIGO® certificates are using the latest industry-level standards to encrypt the connection of your customers to your website or server.

Quick Issuance

Our system is directly connected to the issuance servers of SECTIGO®. Therefore, after your order you will be able to quickly get your SSL certificate issued and then install it on your website.

Data Protection

If you are not sure how to install your SSL certificate on your website or you are having issues, our team will always be happy to help you. Many companies charge for such services, but we will take care of it for you free of charge.

Why A Premium SSL Certificate?

A premium SSL certificate comes with a dynamic trust seal which will assure your customers that your website is secured by a SLL Cert. This is a great feature for online shops and commercial websites.
You are supported. If you face with any issues you can always contact our technical team.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!
From 4.99 /Year

Premium SSL Certificates

Dynamic Trust Badge
Single Domain: www and non-www
Wildcard Certificate (all sub-domains)
Frequently Asked Questions

Trust badge is dynamic piece of code which you can place in your website (for example somewhere in the payment page). Then this piece of code will be turned into an image similar to the below badge:

When your users or customers click on this badge, they will be redirected to the SECTIGO® website which will show your domain’s information assuring your customers that your website is secured by a SSL certificate and is assured up to 10,000 USD. This is an important factor to gain the trust of your customers where they need to provide their payment information.

You can see an example page of what this page will look like below:

Yes. We will do it for you for free. You only need to contact us via our portal and provide our technical team with the needed information regarding your website.

For our SSL certificates we have a 30 day refund policy. That means you will need to inform us within 30 days after your order (no matter if you install the certificate or not). If you inform us after this period we will not be able to provide you with the refund as SECTIGO® will not accept your request.

No, as it comes from the name of this service, it only redirects all the emails @ your custom domain name back to your main email address.

We are offering 1, 3 and 5 years certificates. However, due to the security standards you will need to reissue your certificate every year. For more technical information please contact us.