Cloud hosting subdomain management

Cloud hosting subdomain management

Sub-domain management

Subdomain management

Subdomains take the form [subdomain].[domain] (e.g.: These subdomains can point to various directories and can also show different content to the main domain. In this section, you can create and administer a particular number of subdomains, depending on the account type.

To create a new subdomain, provide the name you want and correct target directory, and click on Add. If it does not yet exist, the target directory will automatically be created as a subdirectory of /public_html/.

Please note: It can take up to 24 hours until a new subdomain is accessible from your computer.

You can change the target directory if you enter the new path next to the name of the subdomain in the list of available subdomains. Then click on Edit. You can also delete an available subdomain in the same way.

Please note: The target can only be a directory, not a file name and not an external URL!

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