Cloud hosting advanced web server configurations

Cloud hosting advanced web server configurations

Web server extensions

You can use these configuration settings to activate or deactivate additional extensions for the web server for your domain.

You can use the extensions listed here to optimize and accelerate the date transfer rate from the server to the browser (client). However, these extensions are not necessary and can, in rare cases, lead to unwanted side effects.


Cloud hosting web server advanced configurations

Available extensions

Currently, the following extensions are available:


This extension activates HTTP/2 standard functions for the web server, which optimizes and accelerates data transfer and other useful features.


With this module, files are compressed before they are transferred to the browser, which can reduce loading times. (However it can also affect server workloads).


“mod_pagespeed” is a module from Google, which is also used for optimizing data provision and transmission. It is able to do this primarily by using automatic caching mechanisms and compression.



Caching content may cause changes to only become visible at a later time. If you experience this problem, we recommend that you disable this option.

Please note that mod PageSpeed might not be compatible with many applications and themes.

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