Where to download NextCloud client app for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Where to download NextCloud client app for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

NextCloud applications for iOS

There are several applications from NextCloud developers that can be used on iOS devices. Here you can view and download the main applications that have been tested and approved by our team. These applications are either from the main NextCloud developers or from verified third party developers. Please note that some of these apps are paid apps which are offered by other developers and we have no control over their sales.


This is the main application you use to manage your files. With this application you can upload, download, automatically upload your pictures and videos from your camera roll and share your files. Basically, this is the main application for managing your files on your iOS device developed and maintained by NextCloud team.

NextCloud Tasks

Use this app to manage the tasks you have defined in your NextCloud account. You can add and remove tasks, or mark them as completed. For example, you can create a new shopping list category and create your own shopping lists on the go.

No application is needed to sync your NextCloud tasks with your iOS device. It automatically syncs with the native reminder application on your iPhone or iPad using the CalDAV protocol.

NextCloud Notes

This app connects to your NextCloud Notes in your account and lets you easily take notes, edit your previous notes, or remove them.

NextCloud Deck

NextCloud Deck is a great application that lets you manage your tasks by connecting to the Deck application in your NextCloud account.

Nextcloud Talk

This app connects to the NextCloud Talk server (available with a dedicated plan only) and lets you make private calls, send and receive private chats and even host or join online meetings.

Please note that none of the applications mentioned on this page are developed or maintained by our team. While we will do our best to help you install and activate these applications on your computer or mobile device, we do not and cannot take responsibility for the full functionality of these applications. If you encounter a problem that we cannot help you with, you will need to contact the developer of the application directly.

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