Managed NextCloud Features

File Manager

Thanks to NextCloud’s advanced file manager, you would be able to easily manage your files via a modern user interface and the web-browser of your choice.

View your files online instantly, no need to download
Upload, Download, Copy, Move, Create Folders and ...
Never loose your valuable files with the Safe Delete feature

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Calendar & Contacts

MySecure.Space comes with the built in NextCloud calendar and contacts. You can easily sync your calendar and contacts between all your devices using secure CalDAV and CardDAV protocols. Do not share your valuable data with Google, Microsoft and Apple. Be in charge of your own personal data.

Sync between all your devices
Compatiple with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux
Be in control of your own personal data and contacts

Security & Privacy

Security: Security of our users is our main priority. The The connection between the users and our servers is also fully encrypted using SSL (AES 256 – SHA 384). We also use 2FA or two factor authentication with our NextCloud services which makes sure that you are THE ONLY person who can access your account and data. That is not all, server-side optional AES 256bit encryption is available for all dedicated NextCloud services.

Privacy: Our company is located in Europe (Vienna, Austria), which means you are automatically protected by the European data protection act. In other words we are not allowed to access your private data unless you give us the permission. In addition we are not a marketing company and we have no interest in anyone’s data. Our business model is based on complete transparency and utilization of the open source software.

MySecure.Space Security and Privacy
MySecure.Space Security and Privacy

Sharing System

This is 2023 and sharing files via email or other communication platforms is no longer safe and private. With advanced sharing system implemented in NextCloud, you would be able to securely share your important data with others. You can password protect a file or a folder or set expiration date while sharing your files and folders. In other words you will always be in control of your files sharing with others.

Set passwords and expiration date for shared folders & files
Easily share your files with others & let them to share files with you

Call & Chat Systems *

Do you have a company or a family group which you would like to have private chat and calls with? Then this solution is your answer. With MySecure.Space’s private “NextCloud Talk”, you just need to install the app on your preferred smartphone or login to your account via your preferred web-browser and start your call.

Secured Chat & Call System Including the Mobile Apps*
Secured & Private Online Video Meetings for Multiple Pariticipants
Screen Sharing & Online Collaboration Tools

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* This feature for our dedicated plans is optional and requires a TURN/STUN server.

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