Based on OPNSense Several locations Secure and Private

Dedicated Cloud VPN Servers

Our cloud VPN servers are powered by OPNSense (based on HardenedBSD) and OpenVPN. We offer two locations in the the Europe and one location in the the USA. With each server you will have a full root access to the server and you can define as many users as you need on your VPN server. We will install and configure your server for you and then you will have the full power over your server. It will be your own server therefore, no one will log your browsing data and IPs.

Managed NextCloud Hosting

Why MySecure.Space Cloud VPN Servers?


After your order we will install and configure everything for you. You will need no technical knowledge for using our VPN servers. We will provide you with all details needed to use your own VPN servers.


AMD EPYC 2nd Gen with super fast NVMe SSDs in a local RAID10 mean you’ll profit from high performance hardware. And you’ll benefit from our redundant 10 Gbit network connection.

DDoS Protection

Hetzner Online will safeguard your Hetzner cloud servers using the latest hardware appliances and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing you with first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS attacks. And all that free of charge.

Data Protection

GDPR compliancy for your Cloud. You can create a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) online that will be in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You can even enter the correct European location for your DPA.

Several Locations

We offer several locations with our cloud VPN servers. You can choose between servers in central Europe, northern Europe or the United States.

Full Privacy

After the installation and configuration of your VPN sevrer, you will have a full control over your own server. We will have no access to you server including your browsing data, IPs, files etc. Therefore, with our VPN servers we offer a real NO LOG POLICY.

20TB of Traffic

With 20 TB of included traffic, you’ll have lots of bandwidth for your projects, regardless of which cloud server you choose. But if you need, you may add more for an extra $ 3.00 a month per TB.

Automated Backups

Backups are copies of your server that we make automatically to keep your data safe. You can store up to 7 of them (this is an optional feature).

Flexible Pricing

Dedicated Cloud VPN Server Plans

Secure, Private, Easy to Use and Reliable

Starting from $5.99/month

Cloud VPN Servers

Several locations
Powered by OPNSense
Powered by OpenVPN
Secure and Private

* All the prices are excluding of VAT. The VAT amount will be added to the final price based on your location.

* All the displayed prices as based on the annual payment period.

Frequently Asked Questions

With every server there is a setup fee which will be charged with the first payment. The first payment includes the payment of the first month in addition to the setup fee.


To cancel your servers you need to proceed with the cancellation 30 days before the end of the month otherwise, an additional month will be calculated in your next invoice.

Yes. All servers that have finished their creation process will be billed until they are deleted, regardless of their state.

This is because, internally, we allocate full resources to servers regardless of their power state. And it enables rapid startup and boot times for you, the customer.

Customized virtual servers (additional RAM, additional/larger drives etc.) are not currently available.

At the moment we are offering cloud servers in two general regions: Europe and north America. Our Europe servers are located in Germany and Finland and our north American servers are located in the USA.

Yes, this is possible at an additional fee per month. For more information please visit our “Server Administration Service” or contact us.